DeFi investments made easy.

Your personal robo-advisor and automated asset manager
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DAOventures is the simplest and best tool  to invest and manage your DeFi portfolio
DeFi products in a dashboard
It’s never been simpler to explore, and evaluate various DeFi assets on the market. Browse curated products, check historical returns, and more. Choose preferred strategies according to risk profile. Invest like a pro.
Non-custody and self-approval
Users interact & approve ‘smart contract’ individually and are not required to transfer the funds. Unlike centralized exchanges, DAOventures do not hold user’s capital. DeFi enables self-custody for everyone.
Performance and optimization
All investments are transparent on the blockchain and users would be able to monitor their capital 24/7. Users could review and optimize their portfolio for more efficient portfolio management.
Yield Farming
Generate yield simply by choosing a portfolio. Choose from a range of different yield farming strategies from low risk low reward, to high risk high reward.
Invest in the best of the best. Andre Cronje’s and YFI community have done great work with Yvault and various strategies. Why reinvent the wheel when we can just work with the best!
Lending/Borrowing & AMM*
*Riding with the rise of the DeFi market, Uniswap trading volume has constantly exceeded some of the top centralized exchanges globally; ie Coinbase. We will be tapping into these protocols in the near future.
Regular crypto investors struggle with the difficulty and complexity to interact with DeFi protocols. Best strategies require constant monitoring of performance, multiple protocol composability, managing risk vs reward ratio and auditing smart contract security. For more information, please read our FAQ.


Simple & easy to use
DAOventures core value proposition is focused on user experience. By focusing on delivering seamless experience and usability, users will be easier to navigate and make best decisions. Customer’s experience is at our core.


Expert curated
Our core team research, analyze and backtest latest DeFi protocols to filter the best from the rest. It has never been simpler to explore and assess according to your suitable investment appetite. Benchmarking with the best performance algo.


Risk vs reward
The strategies are optimized to provide a risk vs reward ratio according to low, medium and high risk profiles. We believe different investors have various portfolio strategies according to their needs. Prioritizing risk with reward for peace of mind.
DeFi in your mobile.
Track your portfolio in real time and view the entire DeFi market, straight from your mobile web.
Beta test app
At DAOventures, we have skin in the game. Our approach is to ensure we are comfortable to deploy our own crypto ourselves by ensuring all of the products are audited and 3rd party reviewed. With DAOventures, you’re in control, always. We don’t have user accounts and work directly with Web3 wallets like MetaMask. We don’t own your private keys and cannot ever access your funds.
Core technology team

Alvin Foo

Strategy Lead

Strategy, business, and marketing. Google Head of Mobile China, IPG Managing Director, Omnicom Head of Mobile. Advisor for SXSW, SOSventures, Sparklabs Korea.

Victor Lee

Product Lead

Product, tech and crypto. Standard Chartered Bank Innovation & Product Lead. Omnicom Group innovation director. Ex-Chinaccelerator and SOSventures.

Soon Lai

Tech Lead

CTO and software architect for financial trading in Singapore. Experience in frontend, backend & blockchain. iFast: License Fintech wealth management in Singapore.

Havard Sam Muggerud

Investment Lead

Quant, Solidity and Trader. Head of product for BCM Capital. Quant trading desk, automated algo strategies & financial engineering in crypto & forex.

Jessica Chuah


Risk practitioner in the financial services; FSA, IFSA, AML and Capital Markets, and Services Act.Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of London.

Michael Ling


Committee of FinTech Association of Hong Kong, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and MIT Technology Global Review Panel.

Mir Rasel

Digital and Community

Digital marketing specialist leading social media & community. Alibaba brand ambassador and digital specialist for 4 years.

Fay Lee


Head of international and global operation with HPB China. ZhongAn China and Loopring China marketing lead and raised $45m

Aaron Choi

DeFi advisor

VP for Kava Labs (DeFi for leveraging and hedging major cryptocurrencies). Advisor for FinNexus and Ex-VP for BTCC International

Aniket Jindal

Crypto advisor

Advisor for Matic, co-founder of Biconomy, and crypto entrepreneur in the India market. IMBA masters degree from Fudan University, Shanghai.

Lester Lim

Strategic advisor

Strategic advisor. Advisor for MahaDAO & xBTC. His network invested millions to most promising blockchain startups, and based in Singapore.